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Matt Stratton's LiveJournal

Rants about swing dancers and ferrets

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Matt Stratton
7 December 1974
I'm 33, live on the north side of Chicago, and am an IT manager for a dot com.

Matt Stratton. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr


abfab, acting, adult swim, alcohol, aqua teen hunger force, bartending, big band music, blackjack, bowling, buffy the vampire slayer, caffeine, chicago, chicken buddha, christopher guest, chuck paluhniuk, cinematography, classic movies, cocktails, comedy, computers, coupling, croupier, cubs, cucumbers, dancing, david sedaris, digital video, directing, donnie darko, dv, eddie izzard, edward norton, fast cars, film, film editing, final cut pro, food, frank sinatra, gin and tonic, ginormous hooters, golden apple, gravy, greg the bunny, hammell on trial, harold, hedy burress, heinlein, home movies, home theater, homestar runner, humor, improv, improv olympic, independent film, independent films, indie, indie films, ipod, irony, italian beef sandwiches, itunes, jack black, james joyce, janeane garofalo, jazz, jocking the bitches, john cusack, judaism, junk in the trunk, kevin smith, kevin spacey, kirstin dunst, las vegas, laughs, lindy hop, liz phair, lounge music, lounging, mac, macintosh, macintosh powerbooks, making movies, martin scorsese, martinis, movies, mullets, music, ninjas, npr, orson scott card, os x, parker posey, parody, photography, pin-ups, pudding, pumpkin pie, queer eye, rat pack, reading, red wine, rootbeer, sarcasm, schadenfreude, sealab 2021, seinfeld, sinfest, skirts, slashdot, sleeping, smacking the hoes, smashing pumpkins, strong bad, sushi, swing dance, swing dancing, tattoos, tenacious d, the 80's, the big lebowski, the onion, the screen savers, the simpsons, the sopranos, the state, theatre, they might be giants, this american life, tivo, tom robbins, tom waits, trading spaces, twin peaks, vintage pin-ups, violent femmes, waiting for guffman, wesley willis, white russians, wil wheaton, wine, wireless networking, woody allen, wrigley field

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